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[Guest Post] Top 10 Changes to How We'll Take a Vacation in the Future

Top 10 Changes to How We'll Take a Vacation in the Future
While the planet and its various industries are evolving slowly at all times, sometimes it is exciting to dream far ahead and think way into the future of what the possibilities of certain things may be. Tourism is one industry that it is easy to attach a sense of the extraordinary to, so we decided to put together a top 10 list around what the future holds for tourism.

Some of these are not too far-fetched, while others will undoubtedly take a lot of achieving and are far in the future, or even unlikely to happen at all.

1. Changing Places

Due to climate change and global warming it is likely that some countries will become well known sunshine spots despite having a reputation to the contrary now. Imagine if the East coast of England became the new Florida!

2. Taking the Elevator

There are currently numerous plans for the building of “super cities” incorporated within individual buildings, why get on the aeroplane when you can take the elevator?

3. Hypersonic Travel

This is one that is currently being closely looked in to and is perhaps the nearest to happening. Travelling at hypersonic speeds, you could travel from London to Sydney in as little as three hours. And people thought Concorde was impressive!

4. Space Travel

So called “space tourism” is actually with us, albeit at a high price and only available to the very wealthy. Expect costs to come down as demand increases and businesses look for ways to make this more commercial.

5. Virtual Tourism

Virtual tourism has been mooted for a few years, where you can have a 3D experience of a destination as though you were actually there. The popularity of applications such as Google Earth make this unlikely to ever take off massively.

Top 10 Changes to How We'll Take a Vacation in the Future6. Opening Boundaries

As political boundaries and attitudes across the world change as well as the global climate, will this open up new destination possibilities? Who would have thought Croatia and Yugoslavia would be popular destinations 20 years ago? Could the next 20 years see Iraq and Libya become holiday hotspots?

7. Travel Bans

This is a potentially negative impact of tourism – could historical sites become off-limits due to the impact of tourism in the name of preservation? Machu Picchu and the Great Wall of China come to mind.

8. Moon Holidays

What about travelling to the Moon on holiday? With a manned mission to Mars in the next ten years it seems likely that colonising the Moon will follow close behind.

9. Inter-Planetary Travel

Should the human race survive for the next four billion or so years, this is the thing we are banking on to get us out of the way before the Sun expands. Is it a future possibility for holidays?

10. Time Travel

If Stephen Hawking says it could be possible, then that is good enough for us! Instead of travelling somewhere else, how about staying where you are and seeing it at a point in the future?

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